And now, the end is here…

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After 4 months our last Rudai23 has arrived. It’s been a really amazing eye-opener for me to learn about all the different tools out there. Google Hangouts, Adobe Voice and Creative Commons are 3 things I will definitely be using in the future at MU Library. I have been sharing some of the really interesting articles with my colleagues as well. I will be able to look over the blogs I’ve written to kickstart my creativity. I have some really exciting projects to work on over the next year so I am delighted about that and hopefully bring in some ideas shared through Rudai23.
Here at MU Library we have been using Hootsuite and I think it’s such a handy tool. We can monitor comments from Facebook and Twitter and respond to messages and comments if we need to. Several colleagues within the Web Team monitor it daily to ensure we aren’t missing anything. I wasn’t aware that if you move to the paid version you can add up to fifty social networks but I think for now the free version suits us. Maybe in the future we might add Instagram too. I also recently found out that on Tweetdeck you can schedule Tweets(probably the last person in the world to know this!). I’m using it for LIST sessions so on a Friday afternoon, I can schedule both Twitter and Facebook for the week. So useful! Finding this out really resonates why Rudai23 is such an excellent course to complete. I think we’ve all probably learned a lot more than we thought and hopefully we can utilise some of the tools in our libraries.


2 responses to “And now, the end is here…

  1. Delighted that you’ve gotten so much out of the course and that you’ve been sharing what you learned with your colleagues as well. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts over the last few months, especially all the innovative things that you’re doing in Maynooth Library. We’ve had a few presentations from there at our WRSLAI events over the years and they’re always really interesting. No doubt we will meet at some networking event in the future.


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